ECB Waterproofing Sheet Membrane

extrubit ecb geomembrane

ExtruBit® : A Classic

ExtruBit of SCHEDETAL is a waterproofing sheet geomembrane made of ECB (Ethylene Copolymer Bitumen). It consists of polyethylene and special bitumen. Due to this fact, ExtruBit ECB geomembrane is compatible with traditional bituminous materials.

ExtruBit® ECB sheet geomembrane belongs to classic products in civil engineering. Architects, building investors and roofing contractors have been taking advantage of our roofing and waterproofing membranes for almost 50 years. 

Single-ply ecb waterproofing sheet membranes are also distinguished by the optimal product-to-price ratio. Moreover, they can be laid easily and fast, which lowers the costs, too! 

ExtruBit is environment-friendly and %100 recyclable, which makes it a product of our times.

Durability :

ExtruBit roof and basement waterproofing membrane gives you a sense of security. 

The ExtruBit ECB waterproofing sheet membranes being in existence for 50 years have been examined with regard to their physical properties and turned out to meet the strictest requirements of the DIN and EN standards for roofing and sealing membranes.

ecb waterproofing sheet membrane

Easiness to use:

You will save your time: ExtruBit ECB roof and basement waterproofing membranes are ready for immediate application – they do not require cleaning or pre-installation procedures. 

ExtruBit ECB waterproofing sheet membranes are easy to weld using hot air. 

They can also be looselaid. 

They can be covered with gravel and concrete slabs with appropriate guidelines for flat roofs taken into account; they are also a substrate for greenery on roofs.

ECB geomembrane chemical resistance :

ExtruBit® ECB waterproofing sheet membrane is resistance to various chemicals such as bitumen, sulphates, urine, caustic, sea water, cyanide, ozone, sulfuric acid %40, root penetration chemical attacks etc. 

ExtruBit® ECB  geomembrane is suitable for basement / raft foundation, chemical storage area, wastewater treatment plant, solid wast landfill waterproofing applications.

Please check Extrubit® ECB - Extrupol® FPO chemical resistance chart for waterproofing membrane ... 

Chemical Resistance Chart for Waterproofing Membrane ….

Flexibility of use :

ExtruBit® ECB membrane is successfully used all over the world in below ground and superstructure waterproofing applications for civil engineering :

  • Pre-applied sheet membrane waterproofing
  • One sided wall waterproofing
  • Pile cap waterproofing
  • Roof waterproofing ( green roof, concree roof, ballast roof, flat roof etc )
  • Basement / raft foundation waterproofing

waterproofing accessories

Carefully selected waterproofing membrane acessories :

A wide range of originally prepared ECB waterproofing membrane accessories enabling safe sealing in more difficult places such as externel corner, internal corner, scupper, roof drain outlet, connection collar for lightning conductor sleeve, pipe collar, roof vent.

ExtruBit® waterproofing tape :

Sealing Joint Tapes for ExtruBit® and ExtruPol® Geomembrane Applications.

ExtruBit® waterproofing tape is a thermoplastic tape for sealing joints, expansion and dilatation joints and irregular cracks. ExtruBit Joint Tape is UV resistant, highly elastic and can withstand extreme movements of the joint.

The joint tape system consists of the ExtruBit® waterproofing Joint Tape and the Epoxy repair Adhesive (2C epoxy based, thixotropic high performance.

ExtruBit® waterproofing tape can be welded with the Welding Machine set to 270°C. Maximum temperature allowed for welding is 300 °C. Welding of the tape should be carried out prior to the application of the tape. Before welding the tape, roughen the seam area with a wire brush or scotch brite. To weld the tape, place it on a level substrate and press the overlapping ends of the tape together firmly after applying hot air using the Silicone Pressure Roller. This way, greater length than 20 m (length of 1 roll) can easily be made on site.

Schedetal Waterproofing Membrane Accessories Brochure  …...

Security guarantee :

ExtruBit® ECB waterproofing sheet membranes are produced and tested according to the following standards: DIN 16729 and EN 13956. All upcoming specification are close covered with ExtruBit® ECB geomembrane products. 

ExtruBit® ECB membrane complies with DIN and EN standards in terms of its properties. 

Moreover, the material meets all the necessary criteria included in the profile of requirements of Wolfgang Ernst, adopted by the European Association registered under the very telling name: „dauerhaft dichtes Dach“ („ddDach“), which may be translated as „permanently leakproof roof“.

ECB Waterproofing Sheet Geomembrane Application Areas :extrubit ecb geomembrane

  • Pre-applied sheet membrane waterproofing
  • One sided wall waterproofing
  • Blindside waterproofing
  • Basement and wall waterproofing
  • Pile cap waterproofing 
  • Terrace and green roof waterproofing 
  • Loose laid - single ply roof waterproofing 
  • Roof Renovaiton
  • Pond and pool waterproofing
  • Sewage treatment plants waterproofing  

ECB Geomembrane Adventages :

  • Homogenous structure, no layers inside.
  • Integrally bonds to poured concrete
  • Resisant to all kinds of weather conditions and UV eposure.
  • Application on all weather conditions and wet surfaces.
  • High aging resistant.
  • Resistant to root penetration. ( FLL Certifiacated )
  • Resistant to wide range of chemicals.
  • Resistant to thermal stress ( -30°C  / +80 °C )
  • Double welded seams with pressure air test ( 2 atm ) .
  • Visual test possibility on silver signal laminated surface.
  • Can be in direct contact with XPS , EPS , PUR ,PIF materials. No need seperation layers.
  • Eco-Friendly material, free from plastisezers, softeners, chlorines, heavy metals : no toxic gas releases during welding.
  • %100 Recyclable
  • ExtruBit® ECB Geomembranes are under international product warranty starting from 15 years

ECB Geomembrane Technical Data Sheet