FPO / TPO Waterproofing Sheet Membrane 


ExtruPol®: Durable, Colourful, Eco-friendly

Based on long time use, experience, and continued development, ExtruPol® FPO sets the new standard for synthetic membranes used in roofing and waterproofing. Architects, building owners and roofing contractors are provided with a high quality product that is easy to install year round. 

Being completely eco-friendly makes ExtruPol® FPO waterproofing sheet membrane is the perfect alternative against PVC. ExtruPol® FPO is also a beautiful roofing membrane, available in a wide range of attractive colours.

ExtruPol® is a FPO / TPO roofing and sealing membrane made from a proven mixture of polyolefins. On the market since 1990, ExtruPol® FPO waterproofing sheet membrane ensures dependable security. The roofing and sealing membranes are very user-friendly, since no pre-treatment of the welding area is necessary.

Security Guarantee :

Successfully used since 1990, ExtruPol® FPO roofing and waterproofing sheet membranes from Schedetal are produced from a modern technology blend of proven flexible polyolefin polymers that are both UV and ozone resistant.

Wide range of uses :

ExtruPol® FPO Geomembrane systems are used in building for foundation waterproofing and in roofing and re-roofing. In civil engineering applications can vary from tunnel waterproofing to bridge deck waterproofing and in water retaining structures such as reservoirs, ponds, water tanks and pools.


Easy application :

The thermoplastic flexible polyolefin polymer compound used in ExtruPol® FPO Geomembrane system is engineered to allow rapid and uniform site jointing requiring only hot air.

ExtruPol® FPO can be attached using mechanical fasteners, bonded in place with solvent free adhesive, loosely laid and covered with gravel, concrete paviors or used as the substrate for garden roofs.

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Self-adhesive ExtruPol KSK :

Complete with factory installed adhesive layer, KSK membranes reduce even further the time required to install ExtruPol® FPO Geomembrane.  Depending on conditions, 50% savings in time (and money) have been recorded.

Carefully selected accessories :

A wide selection of waterproofing membrane accessories are available to compliment ExtruPol® FPO Geomembranes, ensuring secure detailing in areas such as corners, pipe penetrations and outlets.

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Technical Code Approvals :flat roof waterproofing membrane

ExtruPol® FPO Geomembrane for roofing and waterproofing comply with and in most cases exceed international testing standards such DIN 16729 and the very latest common European and British Standard BS EN 13956:2005 Flexible Sheets for Waterproofing. 

Additionally, ExtruPol® FPO membranes fully comply with the Quality Performance Profile, published by Professor Wolfgang Ernst, of the Technical University of Munich, and currently adopted by the European Waterproofing Association as the bench mark in providing “A permanently leak proof roof”.

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Insurance :

Despite the acknowledgement of the quality of our products and systems, we understand that some clients are interested in obtaining additional insurance. Therefore, subject to certain criteria, our underwriters are in a position to offer insurance cover for periods of up to 10 years, including in some cases the complete roof build up.


FPO Waterproofing Geomembrane Application Areas :fpo geomembrane

  • Flat roof waterproofing
  • Terrace, ballast roof waterproofing
  • Tunnel waterproofing
  • Basement / Foundation waterproofing
  • Roof renovation 
  • Pond waterproofing
  • Reservior waterproofing
  • Potable water tank waterproofing

FPO Geomembrane Adventages :

  • Homogenous structure, no layers inside.foo flat roof waterproofing
  • Intermediate reinforcment for dimensional stability.
  • Resisant to weather conditions and UV eposure.
  • High aging resistant. %100 Recyclable
  • Resistant to root penetration. ( FLL Certifiacated )
  • Resistant to sparks.
  • Resistant to thermal stress ( -55°C  / +80 °C )
  • Can be in direct contact with XPS, EPS, PUR, PIF
  • Compatible to use on Potable Water Tanks. 
  • Eco-Friendly, free from plastisezers, softeners, chlorines, heavy metals : no toxic gas on welding.
  • ExtruBit® ECB Geomembranes are under international product warranty starting from 15 years.

FPO Geomembrane Technical Data Sheet