Pile Cap Waterproofing / Pile Head Treatment

Waterproofing of pile heads are the most important application steps of construction projects. Pile cap details may create many problems on waterproofing systems, particularly those based on sheet geomembranes. These systems cannot seal the piile caps effectively caused by pile rebar cage, negative side water pressure, junction details, water tracking from pile rebars.

Schedetal pile cap treatment waterproofing system offers high performance, safe, economic and fast waterproofing solutions, based on it's know how and experiance since 1970.

Thanks to Schedetal pioneer junction details and deep penetration pile cap filler materials, negative side water pressure can not migrate to piled foundation.

Pile Cap Waterproofing Geomembrane Application Steps :

pile cap-waterproofing
pile head-waterproofing

By the correction of the pile head surfaces, Schedetal Extru Seam120 water stop profile will be placed in a circular steel formwork. ExtruBit ® ECB or ExtruPol ® FPO / TPO waterproofing geomembranes coming out of the lean concrete shall be welded to water stop profile with 10 cm overlay in order to prevent any leakage between pile and raft. In order to prevent any leakage from the top of the pile, a layer of cement based grouting mortar and a layer of cement based crystilized grout shall be applied consisting 5 - 6 cm of two levels to provide 10 - 12 cm of total thickness. By the completion of waterproofing process, 16 mm thick circular stainless steel collar shall be placed around the pile cap and fixed with fixing units to provide stability for ExtruBit ® ECB and ExtruPol ® FPO / TPO waterproofing geomembranes around the pile.

Benefits of Schedetal Pile Cap / Head Waterproofing System :

  • Compatible with ExtruBit ® ECB and ExtruPol ® FPO / TPO waterproofing sheet membranes.
  • Can be used together with both pre applied and loose laid geomembrane waterproofing systems.
  • Resistant against structural settlements.
  • Economical and fast application.
  • Can be applied on wet surfaces.
  • Resistant against negative side water pressure.
  • Successfully installed on the most challenging projects worldwide.

pile cap waterproofing

ECB Geomembrane Pile Head Waterproofing Application