Pre Applied Sheet Membrane Waterproofing

Schedetal pre applied sheet membrane waterproofing system is a reliable, practical and effective solution for the risks of water migration, water tracking between the membrane on any structure. System fully localists any leak and keeps water on the outside, engineered for below grade, blind side and wall applications has been successfully installed on the most challenging projects worldwide.

ExtruBit®F ECB ( ethylene copolymer bitumen ) and ExtruPol®F FPO ( flexible polyolefin ) are glass fleece reinforced pre-applied sheet membrane waterproofing system with special fleece backing unique bonds to poured concrete for below concrete structures. System offers durable waterproofing detail solutions, provides high performance mechanical bonding, thanks to its secure double seam hot air welding with seam test possibility.  

ExtruBit®F ECB and ExtruPol®F FPO provides high level and unique performance due to their fully bonded nature, seam joint, chemical resistance.   Schedetal pre applied waterproofing system is engineered to protect concrete structures against water penetration, radon gas attacks, root penetration, soil chemicals, sea water environment, bitumen, urine, sulfides, caustic, cyanide, ozone and UV exposure. 

pre applied waterproofing membrane

ExtruBit®ECB  and ExtruPol®FPO Waterproofing Geomembrane Application Areas :

  • Below grade concrete slabs
  • Basement / Foundation areas
  • Pile cap waterproofing
  • One sided wall - Blindside waterproofing
  • Bored - Cut and Cover tunnel waterproofing
  • Underground garage structures
  • Concrete, terrace, green roof
  • Waste water storage treatment structures / tanks
  • Manufacturing plant / warehouse

Benefits of pre applied waterproofing systems :

  • Bonds integrally to poured concretepre applied waterproofing
  • No need protection screed, provides fast installation
  • Prevents leteral water migration in case of damage
  • Resistant to root effects ( FLL Certificated )
  • Secure hot air welding seams
  • Resisant to weather conditions and UV eposure.
  • High aging resistant. %100 Recyclable
  • Resistant to thermal stress ( -55°C  / +80 °C )
  • Can be in direct contact with XPS, EPS, PUR, PIF
  • High impact resistance
  • Compatible to use on Potable Water Tanks. 
  • Eco-Friendly, free from plastisezers, softeners, chlorines, heavy metals : no toxic gas on welding.
  • International product warranty starting from 15 years.

Pre Applied Waterproofing Technical Data Sheet