Schedetal Green Roof Systems

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green roof

Green roof systems will require a high performance waterproofing layer to protect the construction underneath. 

Root resistant ExtruBit®ECB and ExtruPol®FPO waterproofing sheet geomembranes provides the best heavy - duty protection required. Schedetal offers full system solution for green roofs including vapour control sheets, green roof drainage layers and heat insulation systems.

ExtruBit®ECB and ExtruPol®FPO waterproofing sheet geomembranes are root resistant under FLL Certification tested and approved according to EN 13948 norms.

Benefits of Schedetal Green Roof Waterproofing Systems :

  • Bonds to the roof slab directly and prevents any leteral water track.
  • FLL Certificated product. %100 resistant to all kind of soil and root effects. No need any additional root barrier on the system solution.
  • Resistant to liquid manure chemicals which are used for green roof planting.
  • Resistant to micro organisims, sulphade salts, bacteria and mildew.
  • Secure seam welding application by double welded seams by hot air welders. 2 atm pressure air test possibility for security check.
  • Resistant to permenent UV rays. 
  • Compatible to be in direct contact with xps, eps, pur heat insulation layers. No need any seperation layers.

Schedetal Drain 40 Green Roof Drainage Layer :  

Dimple Height 40mm - Compressive Strength : 130 kN/m2 -  Water Retention Capacity : 9 lt/m2

Schedetal Drain 25 Green Roof Drainage Layer :  

Dimple Height  25mm - Compressive Strength : 180 kN/m2 - Water Retention Capacity : 8 lt/m2

Schedetal Drain 20 Green Roof Drainage Layer :  

Dimple Height 20mm - Compressive Strength : 240 kN/m2 - Water Retention Capacity : 6 lt/m2

green roof drainage layer